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Top Ten Reasons The Sonny/Damian Nice Mob Just Isn't Working Out

10) Brenda and Kath not very good gangster molls
 9) 'Flowers & Bunnies' logo to ornate
 8) Mob Lieutenants find the no drugs/no prostitiues/no porn
    rules very difficult to follow
 7) Harry keeps sneaking off to go golfing
 6) Too many 'gangsta chicks' volunteering to be Miguel's
    'Spirit Guide'.  Sonny finds their persausions tempting
    him away from Brenda
 5) The word 'subtle' not in most thugs vocabulary
 4) Joe Scully just seems more mob-like to the the troops
 3) Katy Bell eating all the profits
 2) The "Whose childhood was worst" contests getting too
    fiercely competitive
And the number one reason the Sonny/Damian Nice Mob isn't
working out
 1) Deception shipments not coming through.  Nice Mob hair
    care products in Limbo
"You, sir, are an idiot." -- Sonny Corinthos
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