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Top Ten Signs You've Been Spending Too Much Time On RATSA

10) You know what all the acronyms stand for
 9) You compose articles and e-mail on company time
 8) You develop a mysterious nervous twitch when deprived
    of RATSA for more than forty-eight hours
 7) Keep getting All My Children and American Movie Classics
    mixed up
 6) You take personally the comment "Boy, some of these
    notes are way too long"
 5) You think you'd ENJOY being an updater
 4) You wonder if people who have the same address extension
    (like are related
 3) You know everything that's going to happen on your soap
    a week or more in advance.... and you STILL watch it
 2) You wonder why no one from Llanview ever visits Pine
And the number one sign you've been spending too much time
 1) No longer able to distinguish your identity from your
    F-C's. (FAC, FGC, FLC, FOC, whichever).
"I was ROTFL over the SIDAR, (which BTW was interrupted by YKW) and have decided to join both MHA and MHGC. Also LOL at the thought of Lu-Lu suffering from SORAS and dating A.J.." -- Anonymous Ratsafarian. If you understood this sentence you may be a RATSA addict. If you answered yes to three or more of the above you ARE a RATSA addict.
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