Top Ten Lists

Katherine's Top Ten New Year's Resolutions

10) Finally send back to Damian his extra socks she's
    been keeping
 9) Work on that responsiblilty concept
 8) Find a real job
 7) Have wonderful little sadistic fantasies about Damian
 6) Remember the punch line to just one joke
 5) Master the lobster pick
 4) Give Sonny a hug
 3) Stop falling for that scratch-and-sniff-sticker-at-the
    bottom-of-the-pool joke
 2) Have bed sheets dry-cleaned and laminated
And Katherine's number one New Year's Resolution:
 1) Learn how to spell Scorpio
"Mrs. Mac Serpico. No, no. Katherine Scurpio. Katy Bell Sorpio." -- Katherine (trying it out)
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