Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Things That Might Have Driven Kevin Over The Edge

10) Not being asked to perform at the Nurses' Ball
 9) Tom using his parking space... one too many times
 8) This damn HMO* thing
 7) Gina; world's worst T.A.
 6) Corn-dog night in the cafeteria
 5) Bobbie threatening to resume therapy
 4) That psychic magical twin-link between him and the still alive 
    and kickin' Ryan
 3) Giggling blonde twins
 2) Norma...  nuff said
And the number one thing that might have driven Kevin over
the edge:
 1) Mad Cow Disease
Two cows are standing in a field. One cow says to the other:
"I'm really worried about this mad cow disease".
The other cow says, "I'm not."
"Why not?" asks the first cow.
"I'm a squirrel."
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