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Top Ten Things Alan Will Have Difficulty Doing While He's Doped Up

10) Pushing correct elevator button
 9) Ragging on A.J.
 8) Staying awake during emergency hospital board meeting
 7) Walking Annabelle
 6) Organizing Corn Dog Night in the cafeteria
 5) Not laughing when Stefan finally says "Hie thee hither"
 4) Rearranging Dorman's smarmy features
 3) Resisting Monica's efforts to seduce him
 2) Remembering not to think that there's anyone besides Stefan
    who could bail out GH (Jax, Jax who?)
And the number one thing Alan will have difficulty doing while he's
doped up:
 1) Spelling HMO
"I'm taking over." -- Monica Quartermaine
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