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Top Ten Reasons You Don't Want To Have Luke As An Uncle

10) He gives you really strange Christmas presents
 9) Second-hand smoke 
 8) Only gives you enough money for Coach; not First Class
 7) Family reunions; just you, him, Bobbie and Ruby
 6) Has friends like "Uncle" Sonny; who keeps wanting to "take care"
    of you
 5) Bad-hair is genetic
 4) Folksy suggestions like; "hop a frieght train"
 3) Cousin Lucky is at that "difficult" stage 
 2) He's always mumbling "Cassadines, rasssumfrassum Cassadines!"
And the number one reason you don't want to have Luke as an Uncle:
 1) That means your mother is Bobbie
"I'm your Uncle Luke, little girl." -- Luke Spencer
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