Top Ten Lists

In honor of the occasion we have written a list that might cheer up Kevin.

Top Ten Ways to Make Kevin Collins Feel Better

10) A nice warm bubble bath....with Lucy 
 9) A week's supply of Charmin 
 8)A prison therapist 
 7) Ryan writing him a letter with some good escape tips
 6) Serving corn dogs in prison cafeteria...yummola 
 5) Interesting article in Port Charles Weekly with good review of his Art 
    Exhibit at the Outback 
 4) A Halloween card from Felicia ("To my best  fiend")
 3) Mac bringing a pardon from the governor
 2) Patients chipping in for his defense fund
And the number one way to make Kevin Collins Feel Better:
 1) Tell him that Luke and Sonny won't attempt to resuce him
"You're serious aren't you?" -- Luke Spencer
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