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Top Ten Reasons We Find Keesha Really Annoying

10) Barely knows Brenda but is willing to be her bridesmaid (Our best 
    friend had to drag us kicking and screaming to be fitted for those 
    bridesmaid's dresses)
 9) Mistaking A.J.'s  pathetically desperate attention for True Love
 8) Criticizes the Q's lack of social conscience while she's eating their
 7) Before the day of the non-wedding it was "Lonny, Lonny who?"
 6) Throws boring spell over everyone she's with
 5) Expects everyone else to share a rabid interest she just picked up
 4) Only limps when she thinks it might get her some sympathy
 3) Mistaking Justus' guilt ridden angst for disinterested condescension
 2) No appreciation for the Three Stooges
And the number one reason Keesha annoys us:
 1) Comes with repulsive story line
"Aren't you going to do anything about this?"-- Keesha
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