Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Duties of The Cassadine Enterprises Personnel Consultant

10) Interviewing Secretaries to see if they're qualified not to do
 9) Helping Stefan find his glasses for those serious "I'm pretending
    to be business-like" moments
 8) Putting up that Cassadine Enterprises Web Page
 7) Noting down all of Bobbie's ironically stupid comments
 6) Switching easily between Greek and Russian during delicate
    Personnel negotiations
 5) Giving professional opinion that Luke is a few bottles short of
    a full bar
 4) Indulging in snappy repartee with Alexis 
 3) Answering that nagging question; where is Helena?
 2) Handing over the secret to your father's mathematical formulae
And the number one duty of The Cassadine Enterprises Personnel
 1) Categorically denying the Miranda connection
"Are you going to take it?" -- Lucy Coe
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