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Top Ten Reasons We Adore Stefan and Katherine

10) You wouldn't catch Stefan dead in icky pastels
 9) Katherine, has the sheer bravery to wear that particular
    color green without flinching
 8) Stefan letting his masterplan go to hell in a handbasket
    for the sake of love, nicely furthering Luke's agenda
 7) Katherine never likely to eat fried chicken in bed with
    Stefan. (It'll be caviar, baby...all the way)
 6) Relationship likely to kill Nickolas' last iota of faith
 5) Still getting a good giggle out of Stefan getting Katherine
    mixed up with a tree and shooting her.  (How appropriate
    a tree should now be their symbol)
 4) Immortal lines, "Let me go.", "Let me stay." "Let me go." ...
 3) The spark, the passion, the romance... oops, our mistake
    we're thinking of Kevin and Lucy
 2) At least when they're on we don't have to endure the 
    Sonny/Brenda Musical Partners game  
And the number one reason we adore Stefan and Katherine:
 1) Lingering brain-damage from fifteen years of Days viewing
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