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Top Ten Signs That Stefan is Slow

10) When he smiles evilly to himself it's because he just got that 
     joke he heard lsat summer
 9) Always tells Nik he's busy when Nik asks for help with his
    math homework
 8) Waited fifteen years to implement his Masterplan
 7) Thinks Katherine is charming
 6) Isn't the least bit afraid of Bobbie
 5) Didn't notice that damn Egg was missing for over a year
 4) Considers matching wits with Luke a challenge
 3) Always saying "What is the function of this device?" where ever he
    goes in the hospital
 2) No matter when he leaves Luke gets there ahead of him
And the number one sign that Stefan is slow:
 1) Can't even spell "set-up"
"Forgive me. I'm slow." -- Stefan
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