Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Places Alan Thought of Hiding Ray's Body

10) Port Charles Hotel;  No, they've already had a dead body
    this year
 9) Kelly's;  They'd think it was the food
 8) The catacombs;  Very popular with corpses this season
 7) The Brownstone attic; a perfect tenant for Bobbie.  Dead
    people don't use up all the hot water
 6) Quartermaine mansion; disguised as a lamp stand
 5) General Hospital elevator; and then push all the buttons
 4) The Outback; just another satisfied customer
 3) Police Station; they'd never notice
 2) PCU Up-chuckers Football Field; tackling dummy
And the number one place Alan thought of hiding Ray's body
 1) ELQ; The family business, they'll never find it there
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