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Top Ten Reasons We Think Mac Is More Intelligent Than Jagger

10) Mac has recognizable vital signs (breathing, etc.)
 9) Mac is vaguely familiar with American and Australian
    dialects; two more than Jagger knows
 8) Mac can make coffee (or is at least familiar with the
    procedure); Jagger confused by tea bags
 7) Mac can fly a plane; still trying to explain to Jagger
    what a plane is
 6) Mac has a diploma from a Tazmanian Correspondence
    school; Jagger still trying to figure out what G.E.D.
    stands for
 5) Mac knows wrestling is really fake; Jagger keeps picture
    of Hulk Hogan on his wall
 4) Mac knows approximate locations of major constellations;
    Jagger has real trouble grasping the Copernican theory
 3) Mac can tell when Felicia's angry at him;  Jagger still
    doesn't know Brenda's gone
 2) Mac now walking upright
And the number one reason we think Mac is more intelligent
than Jagger:
 1) Who isn't?
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