Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Reasons We Think Lucy Is Really Cool

10) Had the good grace to actually appear to be in pain when
    giving birth
 9) Knows most people in Port Charles can't remember who
    they slept with the night before, much less what she did
    five years ago
 8) Very calm under pressure; didn't panic when charge card
    was declined
 7) On good terms with all of her ex-husbands
 6) Is married to Roman Brady
 5) Two words: pivotal stockholder
 4) Hasn't mentioned Dominique since Scott left town
 3) Has all the money that Katy Bell wants
 2) Not afraid of anything, now that Bill's dead
And number reason we think Lucy is really cool:
 1) She's trying to ruin Bobbie's life in her spare time
"I'm ready to be romanced, boys, so romance me." Lucy
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