Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways They Could Kill Off Bill Eckert

10) Chokes to death on peeled grape.
 9) Killed in shootout with Luke.
 8) Stoned to death by irate citizens.
 7) Drowned in lake; probably nothing to do with anchor.
 6) Ryan gives him amnesia drug.  Bill forgets to breathe.
 5) Has Felicia Flip drink at Outback.
 4) Listens to Mac complain about Felicia; bored to
 3) Wonders how lighthouse works; electrocuted
 2) Victoria boobytraps the staircase before she leaves.
And the number one way they could kill off Bill Eckert:
 1) Kidnapped by neo-nazis, tortured until they find he
   knows nothing, whatsoever.  Released to die in Sahara
   desert.  Trampled by camel stampede.  Survives and is
   taken hostage by maniacal scientist conducting
   experiments in sexual deprivation.  Accidentally
   rescued by UN Task Force.  Accidentally thrown over-
   board on trip home.  Swims to tropical island,
   inhabited by cannibals.  Worshipped as a god; chokes
   to death on peeled grape.
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