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News for the week of 14-Jul-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

TV Guide soap columnist Michael Logan sat down with actor Joshua Morrow (Nick) to get his takes on some of his most memorable Y&R moments, here. Morrow’s been on the soap for 20 years. Of course, he went with his first appearance, the death of Cassie, and included his and Sharon’s jump out of a plane (the Aug. 11, 2004 episode). “They cut my falling shot because they claimed I was smiling the whole time. [The episode's director] Mike Denney said, ‘You looked like you were having fun.’ I said, ‘I was having fun. That was a blast!’ And Mike goes, ‘Well, sorry, it looked like so much fun we can’t use it.’”

Scott Elrod (Lone Survivor, Argo, Men In Trees) joins the soap as Joe Clark, Avery’s ex-husband, the one she cheated on with Dylan. Elrod first airs in October. Trouble.

Karina Logue (True Blood, Sons Of Anarchy, Army Wives) comes on as Helen Copeland, starting August 14. She has the same last name as Mariah.

Joel Brooks takes on the three-episode role of Judge Ramsey in a trial story, starting July 24.

Casting’s looking to hire an actress for a two-month stint as Maureen. Must be able to pull off 50-something, be white, and exude strength, as well as a zest for life. Filming begins at the end of this month.

What goes into casting the perfect role? Soap Opera Network’s West Coast editor Kambra Clifford found out recently at the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences event. A key component to nailing a soap opera audition is getting the scene down in one take. Max Ehrich (Fen) went through this process, stressing that the actor must trust his instincts and try not to let the extraneous stuff unnerve him. “Honestly, it’s been thrilling, because we do the scene in one take, so… you have to be [alive]. We only have one rehearsal and then we do the take, so there’s no option but to be. You need to be on your game all the time, so for me, it’s been rewarding as an artist. It’s an exciting experience.”

Young and the Restless Scoops & Spoilers will be on hiatus until August 11 while Carol is on summer break. Check out our Young and the Restless message board for the latest spoilers!

Gossip for the week of 14-Jul-2014

by Carol Banks Weber

Say goodbye to the co-head writers and hello to fresh blood, due to sagging ratings, according to a soap journalist. Found on Daytime Dish.

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