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Since Franco Stabbed His Own Mother To Save Carly

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Date: Tue, 15-Jul-2014 4:49:27 PM PDT
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and, thinking that she was dead, tossed her into a grave, why would he hesitate to do that to Sonny who has threatened him with death? Franco sees Sonny as a threat to Carly and to the happiness that Franco has found with Carly. He has promised not to tell Michael or anybody about Sonny killing AJ, but has he promised not to whack Sonny, himself?

I don't think that Sonny has ever dealt with someone quite like Franco. Yes, he's dealt with other killers, but Franco is an entirely different sort of killer, even though he's tried to reform for Carly's sake. I'm not so sure that his killer instinct has gone away, and I still think, as I've said elsewhere, that Franco may see getting rid of Sonny as the greatest gift he could give Carly, to end her sick relationship with Sonny.

Carly is afraid that Sonny will kill Franco to keep the AJ killing a secret, but has it occurred that Franco might be the one to kill Sonny to conceal Carly's involvement in hiding that secret? If the truth comes out, it's possible that Carly will go to jail. Her voice is not on the tape, only Sonny's, Ava's and AJ's. If the tape comes out, Carly is safe as long as Sonny is dead. Ava can prove nothing and I have to think that she'd be grateful to anybody, even Franco, who got rid of Sonny.

I'm team Franco now if he's planning to whack Sonny.

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