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Date: Wed, 16-Aug-2017 5:21:12 AM PDT
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Ughh. Wimpy and Freako are back with a vengeance this week which means I'll be FF as much as possible. Please keep both of them out of Sonny's story line! In Wimpy I see a wife abuser who shouldn't be reunited with the woman he abused and should not be with any other women either.

It will be interesting to see how Freako reacts to OGJason. With Sam happy with NuJason this leaves Liz wide open for a revisit to Liason. How will Liz feel about Freako with OGJason back?

Also, I'm wondering how is it that NuJason has OGJason's memories? I would like to think via Vulcan mind meld in memory of Leonard Nimoy. However, there are no Vulcans on GH (yet) so I'm thinking NuJason and OGJason are clones. That's the only way I can figure that both have OGJason's memories. I guess it can also be explained by Helena doing something to NuJason's brain (what I don't know) so I won't discount her yet.

Is Kristina Sonny's daughter?? One wouldn't have guessed that yesterday when Kristina and Alexis pic-niced in the park. Not a word about Sonny passed between them, which is odd because Sonny was missing, left for dead and severely wounded and Dante is trying to figure out who the third gun belonged to and questioning everybody about it. Odd. It would be nice to see some KriSonny bonding in the hear future.

I don't think Carly will mind Sonny keeping his latest secret since it was at Jason's request.



Liz puts her life on hold.

Obrecht’s curiosity consumes her.

Finn appreciated Curtis.


*Hayden leaves skid marks running away.
*Carly needs to find all the answers about Sonny's shooting.
*Monica's bad day takes a nosedive after meeting with the board.
*Julian has reason to hope.
*Finn gets slapped with a stunning surprise, and not in a good way.
*Welcome back Franco.
*Dante gets a runaround from Sonny and Jason.
*Joss and Oscar have their first official date.
*Dante questions Nelle, who Bob's and weaves.
*Obrecht is consumed with curiosity over Finn and how her plan is working , and overplayed her hand.
*Curtis provides support for Finn as he considers using again to ease his pain.
*Ava imagines a scar free life.
*Liz takes some "me time".
*Kristina looks back at her time with Parker, who is now divorced.
*Alexis has her hands full.
*Obrecht is caught bragging about her scheme, showing the mighty do fall.
*Nathan and Amy discuss all things Man Landers, blissfully unaware of Maxie and her plan to find him.
*Ava is lost in her fantasy of a beautiful scar free life, not allowing reality to intrude.
*Felicia gets curious about Man Landers.
*Anna returns and gets surprised.
*Kiki gives advice.
*Anna needs a hand...
*Liz offers Griffin encouragement.
*Nina gives Valentin her list of non negotiable demands.

Monica's day takes a terrible turn

Dante suspects that he's being deceived

Dante puts Nelle on the hot seat

Finn's sobriety is tested

Finn is grateful for Curtis

Finn gets some assistance

Obrecht loses the upper hand

Liz offers Griffin some advice

Griffin continues to try to help Ava

Ava indulges in a daydream about life without a scarred face

Julian is optimistic

Jason takes action

Oscar and Josslyn go on their first date

Kristina thinks about the past

Nathan and Amy spend time together talking about Man Landers

Felicia is intrigued

Anna makes a special request

Nina has demands

Franco turns to Ava for assistance

Carly gets unexpected news

Ned turns up the heat on an old friend

Charlotte breaks down Nina's defenses

Julian's fate is decided

Scott clashes with Julian about his defense.
Carly learns a shocking secret.
Liz is intrigued by Franco’s paintings.
Valerie’s blind date surprises her.
Jason and Sam try to rebuild trust.

Liz puts her life on hold on 8/16, while Obrecht’s curiosity consumes her and Finn appreciates Curtis. Obrecht’s gloating backfires on 8/17, while Nathan catches Amy up on all things “Man Landers” and Felicia’s curiosity is piqued.

Kiki offers her advice.
Liz encourages Griffin.
Nina has a list of demands.

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