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I really do like this more mature Sonny. I like his gentle talks with people like Griffin, the understanding and support he gives his children and step children (some not deserved ),and the patience and support he gives his wife. To say that Sonny has not evolved means to me that some folks are not paying attention or haven't been watching the show since Sonny joined the canvas in 1993 (Does that make him a GH vet? Yeah, I think it does.) Some things haven't changed. Sonny still wants to protect his loved ones (even when doing so is not realistic or possible), like not NARingC on Sam. But he does it in a much quieter way.

He is not the explosive, sometimes rash, untrusting,noncommital, conflicted undiagnosed bipolar sufferer. Sure he still mutters "sonofab--ch" now and then, and may sporadically throw some bar ware around but he is not as quick to anger and more often thinks before he acts.

Recently, the fact that leaving the mob may not be an option for Sonny, has been brought home. If he leaves without a successor an all out mob war for his territory could ensue. What I like about this story line is that it's realistic. People can't just up and leave the mob. Those who do either turn informant, go to prison or enter the WPP program. And even then, some don't make it out alive. Don't get me wrong. It is possible for a mobster to have a family who aren't constant targets of violence and danger. Mobsters think of themselves as businessmen. Too much murder and violence draws unwanted attention. Keeping the peace is better for business. If Sonny kicked the hornets nest by leaving, that would unleash a swarm of opportunists looking to profit from the situation. Rivals would vie to gather up the spoils and the territory. The vacuum created by Sonny's leaving would coax mobsters to visibly and aggressively grab for power. Leaving would make it more dangerous for Sonny and his family (a new boss might not like his/her people to have conflicting loyalties). So it is NOT selfish for Sonny to stay in the mob. It could be argued that he'd be more selfish by leaving.

As for Freako's journey of discovery, I'll pass. Look like we're back to the twin thing again. Does this mean that Jason is not Susan Moore's son and is Heather's child? Or is Freako's real mom Susan Moore? Did Heather temporarily have custody of Jason? This might be interesting if I gave a fig about freako but I don't. I also don't like tptb messing with Jason's backstory. Having watched GH when Susan Moore was in a loving relationship with Alan, and watching her carry and gave birth to Jason would make any rewrite of his story unwelcome to me. Alan was very involved with the birth of his son so it would be unrealistic if Heather had him for awhile. Scotty was also heavily involved in Jason's birth story as he married Susan Moore on her death bed hoping to get his hands on Jason's trust fund. I know the story line I watched and I know any deviation from it to be a rewrite of GH history. The fact that a history rewrite is to prop Freako makes it even more unacceptable.


Today: Franco is deceived.

Sam grapples with a big decision.

Griffin worries about Ava's well-being.

Anna's determination grows.

Curtis attempts to explain himself.


Franco is lied to and Mama Betsy gives him the slip.
*Sam's hopes are dashed when the doctors tell her she is seeing involuntary muscle spasms in Jason.
*Franco gets pissed..
*Sam must make a decision.
*Griffin is worried about Ava.
*Finn is blackmailed into helping Anna.
*Liz is confronted about Franco.
*Betsy Frank was never a nurse.
*Sonny goes to speak to Sam.
*Sam is overwhelmed by everyone and their "Good advice".
*Curtis must face Jordan and her questions.
*Ava is very curious about patient 6 and the truth of his circumstances.
*Sonny considers pulling the plug on Jason, knowing Jason wouldn't want to live like this.
*Sonny talks to Sam and knows she would never agree....
*Sonny has second thoughts.
*TJ tells Jordan that she looks for excuses to push people away.
*TJ accuses Jordan of playing with people's lives.
*Michael defends Nelle after she confides in him.
*Finn is unsure how to proceed with Cassandra.
*Michael puts Carly in her place.
*Nelle gets advice from a surprising source.
*Lulu has hope about the custody hearing.
*Kristina isn't sure she should continue pretending that Valerie is her girlfriend.
*A farce turns more real.
*Franco's obsession with his childhood friend sends him down a dark path.
*Sam turns to Alexis for support.
*Joss is put on the spot when questions about Oscar arise.
*Liz stays supportive of Franco, despite his behavior.
*Lulu sees a softer side of Valentin and is favorably impressed.
*Finn has a few moments of uncertainty.
*Ava gets good news.
*Oh, look! Is that Jason or is it not?
*Lulu finds out why Ava and Valentin were huddling.
*Lulu knows that Ava sold out to Valentin.
*Michael makes a move.
*Carly is not pleased with Michael.
*Will Nelle take that advice?
Sonny and Carly figure out the story.
*The Cassadine legacy is about to explode.
*Alexis's prophecy about no Cassadine staying dead proves accurate.
*Valentin's gesture puts him ahead of the situation.
*Jordan has questions for Curtis. Will she ask them?

Oh, goodie! General Hospital's fall storylines are sweeter than a sack full of Halloween candy.
If you go knocking on General Hospital's door this fall, you're bound to get a treat instead of a trick -- if you count delicious storylines as the sort of excitement that gets your autumn happiness revving.

Head writer Shelly Altman spilled to Soap Opera Digest that the upcoming season “is going to be a bag of treats” filled with “drama, romance, exciting returns, danger and thrills.” In fact, she urges viewers not to miss a single day in the weeks ahead. After all, as she previews, Port Charles will be quite a happening place -- starting with the return of Steve Burton on Tuesday, September 19.

“His return will affect almost everybody on the canvas in one way or another. Where he has been and what he was done and what he has been through and who he actually is will be the questions that need answering and the answers will surprise many people,” she teases. “It will affect people whose relationships with Jason have changed as Jason has recovered his memories over these past few years. There will be surprising connections between this man with Jason's face and character who would not have known him with that face.”

Outside of the Burton situation, viewers can look forward to Franco's journey of self-discovery that just might take him in a terrifying direction.

"He loves [Liz] like he has never loved before, but will this exploration into his past bring up demons that will affect their relationship?" asks Altman.

Meanwhile, Anna partners up with Finn in an attempt to scale back Port Charles crime, Nina and Valentin's relationship is threatened, Ava and Griffin continue to grow closer, and a romance between Laura and Kevin will be heavily played.

Franco is livid when he realizes that he's been lied to

Liz is waylaid

Liz's faith in Franco doesn't waver

Griffin has concerns about Ava's safety

Ava receives encouraging news

Ava's interest in the mystery patient is piqued

A familiar face surfaces

Sam grapples with the reality of her situation

Sonny has a heart-to-heart talk with Sam

Sonny has second thoughts

Carly is not pleased with Michael

Will Nelle heed the advice she's given?

Michael takes action

Carly and Sonny piece together the story

Lulu begins to see Valentin in a different light

Valentin remains ahead of the game

Anna puts pressure on Finn

Kristina questions if she and Valerie should continue their ruse

T.J. doesn't hold back with Jordan

Josslyn finds herself on the hot seat

Nelle gets an uneasy feeling

Sonny turns to Brick for help

Anna doesn't take anything at face value

Liz is in high spirits

Sam expresses her reservations

Sam Faces Jason's Grim Prognosis!
Sam has been keeping a desperate vigil by her husband's bedside since he was shot by Petrov, but he remains comatose, and she must make a difficult decision about how to proceed with his care. Griffin examines the patient and floats the idea to Sam that Jason could benefit from being transferred to a specialized, long-term care facility, but she refuses. Sam's frayed nerves end up on full display when Liz and Carly try to offer their support. Carly and Sam, in particular, have some heated words, and when Alexis walks in on them, she ends up becoming privy to a secret that several characters are holding: Sam shot Sonny. Ultimately, Sam does reach a decision about whether to authorize Jason's relocation.

Anna makes a promise to Griffin.
Scott attempts to distract Franco.
Lulu bonds with Valentin.
Kristina comes clean.
Michael surprises Nelle.

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