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Date: Wed, 18-Oct-2017 9:45:17 AM PDT
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I think patient six is Jason and I think Sam is married to Drew. So I can't tell you how happy I am that the first person Jason tried to contact when he got back to Port Charles was Sonny. This gives me great hope for the return of original SaSon (as long as Sonny doesn't become a prisoner of Jarly again). Only real Jason would have gone first to Sonny and since everyone and their mother has noted a GAZILLION times lately that Jason (Drew) has changed, something's off and and he's not himself, etc I'm pretty sure I'm right.

Sonny is between story arcs right now as the Jason return story heats up. Haters can stop grumbling that Sonny is the thing that ate GH. Of course this is logical so it won't happen. I'm sure he'll be back in full force once the Jason reveal happens.

Did they just write Kristina off the show? I think they did. What is wrong with GH? Lexi just won an Emmy for gosh sakes!! I'd much rather watch stories about her than Nelle, Aunt Stella or even Kiki !! Lexi is an extremely talented actress and GH is crazy to let her go!

This leaves Sonny left with Mopey(who he sees alot) and Dante and little Avery (who he never sees).

I don't watch GH when Sonny isn't on and I really don't care about Freako, Wimpy, or Nelle.



Ava agrees to help.

Franco makes a plea.

Josslyn hits a dead end.

Nina makes an unlikely ally.

Anna crosses Finn.


Patient 6 Hits Port Charles!
After another brush with captivity courtesy of the Russians who’ve been on his tail since he fled the clinic, Patient 6 finally makes it to Port Charles. Whether or not Patient 6 really is Jason, that’s who he believes himself to be - so for him, arriving in PC feels like a homecoming! But he doesn’t know what he’s coming home to, if anything. Patient 6’s first stop in what he believes to be his old stomping grounds is Sonny’s house. Alas, his BFF isn’t home. His next stop is the penthouse he shared with Sam, where, unbeknownst to Patient 6, she now lives with the man she knows as Jason - not to mention Danny and her new baby, Scout. Patient 6 ducks out of sight when the door opens - and Sam walks in. Then “Jason” enters.

*Early Editions*
Anna worries about Griffin.
Sonny’s world is turned upside-down.
Sam and Jason celebrate.
Dr. Klein attempts to clean up his mess.
Carly sends an SOS.

WTF ??Lexi Ainsworth will be off the canvas, since Kristina and Parker moved to Portland last week.

Michael Confronts Nelle
When Curtis informs Michael that Nelle is an accomplished swimmer, suggesting that she had the skills to save late fiance Zach from drowning, Michael confronts his gal pal. Nelle is rattled when Michael reveals that he tapped Curtis to investigate Zach’s demise. Nelle is quickly able to smooth things over with her beau.

Jordan and Curtis share romance and breakfast.
Ned and Olivia make a buss stop.

Franco is plagued with nightmares on 10/16, while Carly receives disturbing information and Stella makes strides.
Alexis worries about Kristina on 10/17, while Scott gets the wrong idea and Franco grows further frustrated.
Ava agrees to help on 10/18, while Franco makes a plea and Josslyn hits a dead end.
Franco fears he’s his own worst enemy on 10/19, while Laura is left in suspense.

Nathan worries about his marriage.
Sam manipulates Maxie.
Michael grows paranoid.

Carly learns something troubling

Jason refuses to give up

Sam takes control of her future

Stella makes progress

Curtis is thrown for a loop

Scott jumps to the wrong conclusion

Franco has disturbing dreams

Franco's frustrations mount

Franco makes an appeal for help

Anna and Finn are at odds

Alexis remains anxious about Kristina's impulsive choices

Josslyn's search hits a roadblock

Michael's suspicions grow

Griffin makes peace with his decision

Ava has an unexpected visitor

Ava offers aid

Patient 6 gets his bearings

Laura is caught off guard

Nathan fears that his marriage is in jeopardy

Maxie is manipulated by a trusted friend

A sneak peek at next week
Scott pushes Kiki's buttons

Franco's drawings turn darker

Monica gifts a special heirloom

Andre has reason to be concerned

Cassandra remains a step ahead

Parker was fired from her job, and Kristina decided to move to Oregon with her. Curtis continued to put the pieces together, prompting several questions.

Griffin had some doubts of his own, and he ended up sleeping with Ava… and as certain secrets come out, next week will be a whirlwind! Here are the spoilers!

Sam makes a bold decision about her future, which will end up altering every friendship that she has.

Patient Six makes some strides of his own, connecting with people in a way that surprises many of them. Another relationship will also be strained, when Nathan starts to worry about his marriage.

General Hospital Spoilers October 18, Wednesday

Ava (Maura West) agrees to help.
Franco makes a plea.
Josslyn (Eden McCoy) hits a dead end.

General Hospital Spoilers October 19, Thursday

Patient (Steve Burton) six takes in his surroundings.
Franco fears he’s his own worst enemy.
Laura (Genie Francis) is left in suspense.

General Hospital Spoilers Oct 20, Friday

Nathan (Ryan Paevey) worries about his marriage.
Sam (Kelly Monaco) manipulates Maxie (Kirsten Storms).
Michael (Chad Duell) grows paranoid.

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