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Date: Mon, 04-Jun-2018 4:25:39 AM PDT
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Not much Sonny in these previews (although he is on today confronting Nelle). While no Sonny means I can skip the garbage heap that has become this show (except for the Alzheimer's story line) I do enjoy watching Maurice and see what Sonny's up to. Also, Maurice has been looking especially handsome lately. His Sonny is so very layered and somehow all in one we see Sonny the worried husband, father and a man very concerned and heartbroken over the situation with his father.

Looks like the scammimg Nelle will be on the receiving end of a scam not of her making. I hope that Sonny is in on it and and completely snows the unsuspecting Nelle. I've also heard rumors that the baby Nelle is carrying is not Michael's but I don't know if that's true. Diane is right, if they do find the scarf and blanket Nelle used to gaslight Carly this will likely be used as evidence against Carly and give Carly further motive for pushing Nelle down the steps. They need to hear it from Nelle's mouth or at the very least from Ava. And since Jason is tasked with this I am sure all will be set to right <rme>

There have been rumors floating around since last Oct. that GH may recast the role of Kristina: [link] This is heartbreaking to me. I never quite accepted LM as Kristina. I can't imagine anyone else as Krissy. Lexi looks as if she could actually be a child of Sonny and Alexis (she has Sonny's smile for sure). She more than holds her own with Maurice and Nancy. She seems tailor made for the role. AND she won an Emmy for her amazing work in the Pristina story line!

But then again I was wrong before when ABC recast Tina on OLTL when Andrea Evans left the role or when I swore that I would never accept anyone as Carly but SJ Brown. While I'd love to see Lexi return as Krissy (and she will always be my favorite Krissy) I guess the jury is out on whether I could accept anyone else in the role. So maybe with the right recast (not LM) it may be possible. What is clear is Sonny needs eldest his daughter back! And Mike needs to see his granddaughter!


Maxie is moved to tears on 6/4, while Finn’s timing is impeccable and Drew makes arrangements.
Sam asks for help on 6/5, while Jason has doubts and Valentin keeps his word. Finn is supportive on 6/6, while Sonny cautions Carly. Ava relays what she saw on 6/7, while Josslyn is on the defensive and Griffin is interrupted.

Peter has escaped from jail, and Jason worries he’ll come after Anna, even as Carly is still stuck behind bars wondering if anyone is making any progress on her case against Nelle. But it looks as though Nelle still has the upper hand!

At the hospital, Nina cradles baby James in her arms and introduces herself to the infant. “I’m your Aunt Nina,” she smiles down at the bundle of joy in her arms.

But in Maxie’s room, she sees Peter standing over her. “I had to see you,” he insists. But seeing as how the last we saw of Peter he was stabbed with a syringe and dragged off my a mysterious assailant, this is probably just Maxie’s nightmare!

As news of Peter’s jailbreak spreads around Port Charles, reactions are mixed. Robert is appalled when he notices that Anna isn’t upset that her son is free. “You’re HAPPY that Peter escaped,” he notes with a frown. And later, Jason is also concerned about Anna’s reaction to Henrik Faison being on the loose. “Peter already tried to kill you once,” he notes. “What makes you think he’s not gonna try again?” Is Anna deluding herself thinking Peter doesn’t want revenge on her for abandoning him as a child?

Sonny visits Carly in Pentonville and she demands an update. “Is there any progress proving that Nelle set me up?” she asks desperately. Unfortunately, Sonny doesn’t seem to have any good news to share with his wife. And back at the Quartermaine mansion, Nelle takes the opportunity to open up to Michael. “I need to tell you how sorry I am for what I’ve done to Carly,” she confides. Will Michael continue to fall for her manipulations?

Monday June 4:

Maxie is moved to tears.

Finn’s timing is impeccable.

Drew makes arrangements.


Tuesday June 5:

Sam asks for help.

Valentin keeps his word.

Jason has doubts.


Wednesday June 6:

Chase and Finn's father turns up on the scene

Finn is supportive.

Anna comes clean.

Sonny cautions Carly.


Thursday June 7:

Ava relays what she saw.

Josslyn is on the defense.

Griffin is interrupted.


Friday June 8:

Alexis confronts Monica.

Jason is put on the spot.

Nelle is thrilled.

&#8203;Nelle receives a visit from her past.

Sam comes across an interesting clue.

Michael receives help from Spinelli.

Nina has had enough.

Carly is overcome with relief.

Nina’s summonsed to the cabin where Peter’s being held.

The kidnapper will be revealed and will make Nina a co-conspirator, which is way more than Nina bargained for.

Curtis and Sam begin the search for Peter.

A few people may ruin Peter’s chance at freedom, even though he has one last card up his sleeve.

Anna is torn regarding Peter’s actions and Robin’s questions.

Carly’s falsified guilty plea might not turn out as planned and will force her and Sonny to remain a united front from afar.

Though Mike’s condition worsens, he reveals more of what happened at Croton to Sonny, who sets out to get to the bottom of the situation.

Jason is consumed in a few precautious situations while trying to clear Carly’s name.

Michael’s life moving forward will involve Jason’s heavy presence.

Sam and Curtis team up on a big case that puts her in Drew and Jason’s orbits.

Drew may find answers about his past that he’d rather had stayed hidden.

Kim and Julian continue to spend time together but will face obstacles that involve others who they want to be with.

Franco suggests that more of Liz’s family take part in their wedding, which leads to issues neither prepared for.

Griffin’s one-night stand with Kiki weighs heavily on him.

Dante and Lulu’s careers put a damper on their marriage.

Though Stella publicly has accepted Jordan and Curtis’ union, privately she has not.

Julian plans to make sure his son’s happiness remains in the face of the adoption.

Chase’s connection to some surprising Port Charles residents will be revealed.

A turn of events may prevent Nelle from getting what she wants, as Michael will prove to be a big force of power.

Oscar works to support Josslyn during her mother’s troubles.

Look for more of Cameron.

Maxie is overwhelmed with emotion

Josslyn's walls are up

Oscar is supportive

Drew takes steps to move forward with his plans

Kim weighs two sides of a story

Sam reaches out for assistance

Jason has reservations

Sonny offers his wife some advice

Ava shares what she witnessed

Griffin is caught by surprise

Nelle feels victorious

Mike receives needed attention

Finn makes a timely appearance

Finn is a source of comfort

Anna makes a confession

Finn and Chase's father turns up in Port Charles

Valentin is a man of his word

Lulu feels conflicted

Lulu makes a vow

Julian tries to make things right

Alexis is at a loss for words

Alexis demands answers from Monica

Franco takes control of things

Curtis is in over his head

&#8203;Michael keeps close tabs on Nelle

Kim gets ready for a special evening

Nina is left shaken

Carly second-guesses herself

Mike confides to his son

Ava embraces her dark side

Nelle's past catches up with her

Love is in the air as summer kicks into high gear

&#8203;Anna realizes she finally has to come clean with Robin despite still not knowing where Peter is. This time, Anna flies to Berkley rather than Robin using up some frequent flyer miles.

Once Robin hears the truth, it’s more than she ever expected and she shocks Anna by not being readily supportive.

After all, her mother kept this enormous secret all these years and now she has to deal with the fact that she has an older brother she never knew of.

At least, Anna finds the comfort she needs from Finn, who makes a surprise trip to try to prove how devoted he is to making a relationship work.

Back in Port Charles, Obrecht has Peter and she gets Nina involved in her little plot to either keep him hostage or kill him. Nina is not all for this and tries to fix it, but things don’t go quite as planned.

While Peter remains missing, so does that flash drive of Drew’s memories. But, that doesn’t stop Drew from wanting to go ahead with the procedure anyway. Sam is desperate to stop him before he makes a big mistake and has Jason helping her.

Spoilers reveal that Jason has his doubts about all this while Kim hears a different side of the whole story. Will she finally understand what Drew wants to do? Later in the week, Jason is put on the spot as Curtis also lends a hand.

Nelle is still up to her old tricks and gets some thrilling news. However, that seems to arouse Michael’s suspicions and he makes a mysterious phone call.

Meanwhile, Sonny cautions Carly that her trial may not go as planned while Ava tells all what she saw. But, is she telling the truth?

Alexis gets a shock, Lulu makes a promise, and Franco takes matters into his own hands.

&#8203;Nelle gets a visit from her past.
Spinelli helps Michael.
Nina is done.
Sam finds an interesting clue.
Carly is relieved.

Now that Peter has been outed as Henrik, Anna has to face the music over her secret-keeping with her other child, Robin. To that end, Anna heads to Berkeley. Peter’s sordid origin story is too much for Robin to deal with at present.

Maxie is moved to tears on 6/4, while Finn’s timing is impeccable and Drew makes arrangements.
Sam asks for help on 6/5, while Jason has doubts and Valentin keeps his word. Finn is supportive on 6/6, while Sonny cautions Carly. Ava relays what she saw on 6/7, while Josslyn is on the defensive and Griffin is interrupted.

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