The Sins of the Fathers

Written by Send Private Message Carlyfan8 on 11-Feb-2002 9:39 AM [#7]:


''Carly!'' Sonny and Zander both yell in unison.

Zander rushes to Carly's side, while Sonny struggles to escape Mac's hold on him.

''Let me go! She's been shot! I have to help her!'' Sonny yells at Mac.

Zander is bent over Carly, ''It's ok, you are going to be fine! Help is on the way!'' he tells her.

''Zander! You have to save our baby!'' Carly whispers before her eyes close.

''What?'' Zander says in skock.
What happens next?
Zander goes crazy waiting for the abulence to arrive
Alexis agrees to help Sonny so he can go to the hospital

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