AJ and Kristina - Taking A Chance On Love

Written by Send Private Message FranWi on 16-Feb-2002 10:00 PM [#4]:

Skye is not happy

Skye was alarmed to hear her brother's good news. Any other time, any other girl, and she would have been thrilled for him. AJ was in trouble. She was going to have to break her promise to Jax and tell AJ what was going on.

''Listen to me,'' she sternly advised. ''Are you listening, AJ?''

''Yeah, yeah,'' AJ smiled, waving to Kristina who was smiling at him from her table.

''The girl isn't who she seems to be,'' Skye conveyed. ''Jax has been investigating her more thoroughly. Kristina wasn't rescued and raised by foster parents after her mother was murdered. Helena Cassadine is the one that raised her, AJ. She's dangerous. Do you understand me?''

AJ was staring blankly at his fiancée, who was still glowing with happiness at their table. What Skye was saying couldn't be true...

''We think she's here in Port Charles on Helena's orders,'' Skye warned her brother. ''She's using you as a cover, AJ. She's getting ready to...''
What happens next?
Kill her cousin Nikolas
Destroy the Spencers

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