AJ and Kristina - Taking A Chance On Love

Written by Send Private Message Marty on 16-Feb-2002 1:24 PM [#1]:

AJ and Kristina - Taking A Chance On Love

by AJsFantaC

AJ and Kristina had been dating for almost six months.

When they were together the whole world seemed to disappear. She knew about his past and every underhanded thing he'd ever done, yet she loved
him in spite of it all.

One night, while they were dining at the best restaurant Port Charles had to offer AJ reached across the table and took her hand.

''Kristina, these past six months with you have been the best months of my life and I don't want them to end.''

He reached into his pocket and took out the velvet box and opening it, he asked, ''Kristina, would give me the privilege of being my wife?''

Kristina stared at the ring in awe and said...
What happens next?
''AJ, I think I need some time to think about it.''
She immediately said yes.

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