GH Reborn

Written by Send Private Message juggalosith55 on 07-May-2008 5:10 PM [#9]:

Emily faints.

Dr. Devlin rushes to get help for Emily. While the paramedics are tending to her he picks up her cell phone.

He calls Liz and finds out for himself about Nikolas. ''That bastard is not going to ruin Emily and I! I will finish this!''

He makes a phone call to an unkown party. ''I don't anyone speaking of Nikolas until I have a chance to run test.''

Meanwhile Spinelli was planning to meet up with Maxie over hears the whole thing. He calls Jason and explains everything.
What happens next?
Jason yells at Spinelli to min his own business
Jason decides to see what Devlin is up to

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