The Truth About Spinelli (inspired by Marty)

Written by Send Private Message antelope on 19-May-2008 2:42 PM [#2]:

Spinelli and Maxie vow to solve Kate's murder/

''Fashionista?'' Spinelli squeaked. ''Fashionista, please do not expire! I need to verify the authenticity of your statements.''

Kate remained motionless on the floor.

''She's dead, Spinelli,'' Maxie said. ''There's nothing more she can tell us.''

''Do you think what she said was true?'' Spinelli asked stunned. ''Could the fashionista actually be the maternal one I have sought all these years?''

''What?'' Maxie said. ''I guess. Who knows?''

''If the fair fashionista did indeed give birth to me, I must avenge her death. I must discern who would commit such a dastardly act.''

''OK,'' Maxie said. ''I'll help. It's a shame she didn't get to tell us who your father was. He'd be a pretty good suspect.''

''That would be fitting if my paternal one knew of my existance, but he apparently did not. I think the killer is someone else.''
What happens next?
Maxie and Spinelli dig into Kate's past to find Spinelli's father.
Maxie and Spinelli go through Kate's date book to see who came to the office.

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