The Truth About Spinelli (inspired by Marty)

Written by Send Private Message Stop_theMadness on 04-May-2008 7:08 PM [#3]:

Kate has one last thing to reveal...

Spinelli stood in shock as the EMT's shrouded Kate's pulseless body and put her on the stretcher. He did not feel Maxie wrap her arms around him. His heartbeat was suddenly loud in his ears as he tried to process what Kate...his mother, had just told him.

'She was wrong...I'm not her son. No way. My mother died in childbirth,' he thought.


''Maxie, you have to help me,'' he said, crashing back down to reality. ''What she said-I have to find out if there is any truth.''

''What do you want me to do?''

''Do you have the key to her office?''

She dug in her purse for a moment before producing the key he had asked for. ''Ok, we have to hurry, before the police get her to investigate.''

They entered Kate's office. His eyes went immediately toward the laptop on her desk and he decided to take it and go.

''Spinelli! That's evidence...tampering. Stop that!''

''I have to know, Maxie.''


Back at the penthouse, Maxie paced nervously as Spinelli hacked into the computer. She stopped in her tracks when she saw the color drain from his face-if there was any to be drained, that is.

''What? What is it?''

''According to this, my father is...''
What happens next?

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