The Truth About Spinelli (inspired by Marty)

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The Truth About Spinelli (inspired by Marty)

''I've called 911,'' Maxie said as she knelt beside Spinelli who was trying to help. The pair just entered Crimson's office only to find Kate on the floor, bleeding.

''The Fashionista is in dire shape,'' Spinelli said, his hands red with blood. ''Please hold on, um, Ms. Howard. Help is on the way.''

''Spinelli?'' she gasped, turning to look at him. ''Damian? I am so sorry that I didn't really get to know you, but it was too dangerous. I tried to protect you. He thinks I had an abortion, but I fooled him. I lied.'' She was breathing shallowly, each breath an effort. ''I had to protect you. I loved you then and I love you now. I couldn't let him destroy you like he destroyed your brother.'' She took one long, shuddering breath, then finished. ''He's a dangerous, evil man, your father...''
What happens next?
Spinelli and Maxie vow to solve Kate's murder/
Kate has one last thing to reveal...

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