Who Whacked Sonny Corinthos?

Written by Send Private Message Antigone on 05-May-2008 12:51 PM [#5]:

Claudia goes to the Hospital and picks a fight with Carly its public

''What's your PROBLEM?!?'' Carly screeched as she rose from the floor in front of the nurse's station, pressing a ginger hand to her swelling cheek.

''Jason said I needed an alibi. Something public that people weren't likely to forget. I'd say this qualifies,'' Claudia allowed, far too calmly for her victim's taste.

''Jason what...? I...I...I should have you arrested!''

''Hey, go ahead. But before you do, maybe you'd like to tell me why your best friend, the hit man, is so concerned about covering all the evidentiary bases on a murder he didn't commit?'' She sent an artless gaze down to her latest pair of fire-engine red Fendi shoes and let it slowly drift back up again. ''Frankly? I gotta say my money's on you.''

''Wait, Jason said...? He told you...? Who's dead?'' Carly pressed, more than slightly confused.

Claudia snorted - not the most ladylike of responses, true, but how often did a bombshell of such magnificently destructive proportion fall into your lap like this? ''Guess I lose. But I'm kind of surprised no one's gotten around to telling you...''

What happens next?
Kate Howard is brought into the PCPD interrogation room.
Jason prays the scent of gunpowder is just Elizabeth's new perfume.

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