The Match From Hell (Submitted by Marty)

Written by Send Private Message Mafia_Princess_Ella on 01-Jun-2009 2:59 PM [#12]:

Sonny carries Lulu upstairs to his bedroom.

Sonny reaches his room and puts Lulu on her somewhat wobbly feet. He is about to start kissing her again but she protests.

Sonny: ''Lulu, can you do this or not?''

Lulu shakes off her misgivings and they continue.

Then, later, as they are about to take a break between rounds, Sonny's phone rings. He answers it
and goes: ''Oh, hell no''

Before Lulu can ask what's wrong the door flies open and....
What happens next?
It's Johnny with a murderous expression on his face
Claudia barges into the room

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