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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 5-Jul-2012

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Posting date: Sat, 07-Jul-2012 7:41:31 AM PDT

It's the Fourth of July in Port Charles! And this means that fireworks are bound to happen!
What happened today? Todd almost came clean to Sam about her baby, but Heather walked in in the nick of time; the fireworks came early at the Lakehouse, as Alexis walked in on a half-naked TJ in Molly's bedroom; Anna questioned Tracy about Anthony's disappearance and it looks like Joe Scully Jr. is finally going to see justice for the death of McBain's sister and Kate's rape--and it took two unlikely allies to make that happen.
It's the Fourth of July, but that doesn't stop Todd Manning from going to work. After all, the paper's still got to get out, right?
Anyway, he's suprised to see Sam already at work. She explains to her new boss that she had no plans for the holiday and work helps ease the pain of losing her baby.
Todd kneels by her desk and is this close to telling Sam the truth about her son when Heather walks in.
Sizing up the situation, the new gossip columnist takes Todd into his office, where she proceeds to rip into him about spilling the beans to Sam!
Sam orders lunch for the duo and is pleasantly suprised to see Robert, part of the Chinese family that hosted her and Jason's wedding last year, deliver the food. I'm sure this makes her split with Jason all the more painful....
The fireworks did start early at the Lake--house. Both Mollie and Christina are there with their respective male friends--Christina with Trey and his Mob Princess crew and Mollie with TJ.
Christina, who's in a sexy swimsuit, tries to talk Trey out of going to Sonny's warehouse to get a tour while Mollie sends TJ into her bedroom to change into his swimsuit.
Nobody thought to have a backup plan in place if Alexis came home--which happened!
She's stunned to find a half-naked TJ in Mollie's bedroom and immediately goes into a huge meltdown!
Alexis makes Mollie sit on the couch and tells her that the reason TJ was indecent in her bedroom was because they were going to have sex. Mollie and TJ are rightfully upset, protesting that that wasn't it at all--they REALLY were going to swim!
Anyway, Alexis throws TJ out and when he says he doesn't have a ride, she says she doesn't care. Christina steps up at that point, saying that she and Trey will give him a lift. Trey's NOT happy--guess the footage won't bring in the ratings numbers he hoped for!
And it was a good thing that Trey didn't make it to the warehouse, because things were going from bad to worse over there for his father, Joe Scully Jr.
Sonny has him tied up and has a gun in his face when McBain shows up. Amazingly, this unlikely duo works together, harassing Scully until he comes clean about the death of Teresa, McBain's sister.
Scully gives a stupid reason for her death, saying that the only reason he killed her was because she was talking with McBain, who was a Fed at the time.
McBain and Sonny say that they know that the real reason was that he hit on her and she fought back!
Just when McBain also has a gun in his face and is ready to pull the trigger, the police come in and McBain has the honor of personally putting the cuffs on Scully. He tells the cops that Sonny is clean, so he does him a favor.
Finally, Anna is investigating Anthony's disappearance. She goes over to the Quartermaine boathouse, where she runs into Tracy.
In questioning Tracy, they both see the connection that Heather has to his disappearance. So you know that things are about to get very hot for Port Charles' number one gossip columnist!
Will McBain finally get the closure he needs regarding Teresa's death? How will Heather weasel her way out of this one? Will Sam finally find out the truth about her baby? Stay tuned!
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