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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 26-Jul-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sun, 29-Jul-2012 7:44:13 AM PDT

I can think of two words to sum up today's episode: revenge and guilty conscious!! (OK, that's three words, I lied...)
What happened today? Todd found out who REALLY killed Starr's daughter and boyfriend, and revenge, thy name is Todd!! Patrick checked himself into GH's drug rehab unit with Lulu's help; turns out that Robin really IS alive--and this time, Heather just might cut a deal out of this fact with Anna; Dante, Kate and Lulu unite at Liv's bedside to pass on some Falconeri love to her and Anthony isn't exactly Johnny's idea of an angel on his shoulder.
We start off with Todd, who's at work when he gets a visit from Kate. She's begging him to let her have Crimson back, but it's falling on deaf ears.
Kate figures out that this is revenge for her killing Cole and Hope (or so she thinks). Todd doesn't deny it and asks her why he would want to look at a magazine that plays dressup and previews the Fall line...
After Kate stalks out of his office, Todd looks at the video footage from Johnny's office on the Haunted Star, where Connie gets him to confess to shooting out Anthony's tires, leading to the deaths of Cole and Hope.
Todd hears it all and blows a gasket, as he now knows that Johnny got Kate to take the rap for him! He goes over to the Star to confront Johnny--and this can't be good!
Meanwhile, Lulu and Patrick arrive at GH, where Patrick is prepared to check himself into the drug rehab unit.
Dr. Keenan will be his doctor and he tells him that he has experience with addicted doctors and he will be discreet.
Patrick is left to his own devices to fill out paperwork and we are saddened to see him put "deceased" in the blank for his spouse's name.
And as we all know, this is indeed not the case! We see Robin prepared to get electroshock therapy treatment and fighting to escape, from what we now know is Ferncliffe's critical care unit.
A mysterious doctor comes in to treat her--and he looks like EWEN!! Why?????????
Meanwhile, Heather will do anything to get a deal to get herself out of the slammer. She tells Anna in the PCPD interrogation room that she knows that Robin is alive--but she will only give her the goods for a price.
Anna is incensed that Heather would stoop that low, but still wants to know more.
Heather tells Anna that she was still at Ferncliffe when Robin was brought there and heard the head nurse talk about a mysterious doctor who she never referred to by name. Maybe Heather's telling the truth for once, who knows?
Moving back over to GH, Olivia, one of Heather's victims (remember the LSD?) is recovering, with Kate, Dante, Lulu and Steve at her bedside.
Kate has everyone join hands and they say a Hail Mary, which their Aunt Theresa would always do in times of crisis. Nice to see Kate and Liv united again.
And finally, he's BAACCK!! Anthony, not exactly an angel on anyone's shoulder, has come back to torment Johnny in his office.
Wearing a bloody shirt, he helps his grandson discover the hidden camera that Heather planted in his office. Not good for Johnny!
Will Todd expose Johnny's secret? Does Ewen have a dark side? Will Robin escape and will Heather FINALLY go down the river? Stay tuned!
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