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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 16-Aug-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sat, 25-Aug-2012 8:09:06 AM PDT

Jerry Jacks may have gone too far this time--and it could be too late for Alexis and Josselyn; McBain and Jason are getting warmer re finding out Ewen's connection to the mess; Jerry's got a connection to someone in town, (it will surprise you!) and finally Sean is thinking more and more about Alexis in THAT way (no, he doesn't know that she's in GH-yet). Busy summer day!
Starting off at GH, we see Josselyn and Alexis both admitted with the same mysterious bug bite on their forearms--and of course Steve doesn't have a clue as to what it could be.
After running lab tests on both patients (who now are spiking fevers), Steve calls Carly and Sam together to tell them that he thinks it's not a bug bite at all, but whatever it is was injected! (Give the man a prize!!)
Anyway, Ewen just happened to be standing at the nurses' station while this was going on and started busying himself to stay below the radar when Steve said the toxin could've been injected.
This was after he called Jerry, demanding to know what was in the syringe he injected Joss and Alexis with!
McBain and Jason decided to take a boat ride out to Windemere at that point to try and solve the mystery. They were getting ready to hunt for clues, when surprise, Rwen happens to walk in and catch them!
Ewen said he also got the call from the security company that Alexis got and was coming out to the estate to pick up some items he had in storage.
McBain said he traced the calls and there were no calls from the company made to Ewen's line, when Ewen said the calls came to his office. After Ewen left, McBain told Jason he was lying--and he is going to figure out his connection to this!
On to Jerry, who goes to see Joe Scully Jr in jail. He tells Scully that he knows that Trey is his son and he needs him to supply men to carry out a job--or else things are going to get ugly.
Scully tells him that in order for him to supply people, he needs to know the type of job he's going on.
Jerry gets Scully released from jail and is heading over to Windemere to stash him before the job--just missing McBain and Jason, who were going to the jail to see if Scully had any part in this.
Meanwhile, Sean has just returned to Kelly's with TJ and Molly. They've spent the day at a local amusement park and TJ and Molly are teasing him about Rosie, his date.
While this is going on, Sean is thinking about a recent conversation he had with Mac, who said that he thought he and Alexis were together, which Sean denied.
Sean keeps flashing back to their recent strip poker game and there is indeed a smile on his face.
Meanwhile, Kristina is trying to call her sister to tell her about Alexis, but she's not picking up.
Will Joss and Alexis survive? Will Jerry be brought down again? Will Sean and Alexis go out on a date? Stay tuned!
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