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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 23-Aug-2012

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Posting date: Fri, 31-Aug-2012 11:56:12 AM PDT

He's BAAACK!! Jasper Jacks, Josselyn's father and Carly's estranged hubby is back in Port Charles! And let the games begin!! Jerry is getting ready to launch his latest scheme with a reluctant Joe's help; Trey and Christina made it out of PC in time (what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but more on this later); Ewen and Liz are getting closer and let's not forget Tracy and Luke! (Yes, I said Tracy and Luke!!)
Starting off with Jax, we see Joss getting ready to be discharged from General Hospital. Carly is packing her things and telling her daughter how they are going to move into the Metrocourt for awhile, when the door opens. And who do they see standing there but Jax!!
He tells his daughter he was in Shanghai when he got Carly's message that Joss was sick and came back as fast as he can.
Carly and Jax are actually quite civil to each other, which is nice to see--buuttt, there is a fly in the ointment. Johnny!! Hellooooo??
They all head off to their temporary digs in the Metrocourt, not knowing that Uncle Jerry is also in the hotel....
Speaking off Uncle Jerry, he's moved Joe into a room at the Metrocourt and lets him into his scheme: to poison the Port Charles water supply. He explains to a very leery Joe that the reason he had Alexis and Joss injected with the virus is because he wanted to be sure they were immune when it all hit the fan.
Joe demands that he and his men get some sort of protection or else they're not moving forward and is relieved to get a text from Trey saying that he and Christina are finally on the plane and are heading to Vegas.
Why are they going to Las Vegas? They are going to get married! This was Joe's demand to Trey that he somehow convince Christina to do this.
Trey talks her into it by telling her that the Mob Princess producers are demanding that they do it, or else he will be in legal trouble. He assures her that they can get it annulled when the fuss dies down.
The only problem is that "the happy couple" has actually snuck out a window at Trey's place to make it to the airport! They were getting away from Milo, who was guarding them.
Michael and Starr did a search of Trey's things, even going into his laptop, where they find the ticket stubs. Sonny is not going to be happy!
Speaking of Sonny, he and Jason are getting information from Spinelli about connections between the Jacks family and Ewen. It turns out that they both immigrated to Alaska from Australia and Spinelli's sure that there will be other matches.
Ewen seems like he's desparate! He goes over to Liz's place for dinner and promptly proceeds to ratchet up their relationship to the next level. He's kissing her and almost getting on top of her--and Liz tells him to back off. And for Liz telling anyone to back off is saying something, lol!! I think that Ewen knows it's about ready to hit the fan.
Finally, Tracy and Luke. She goes over to the Metrocourt to deliver a tureen of soup to Luke--and promptly spills it over Joe!! Ooops....
Anyway, Luke is touched she made the effort--(He comes upon her after everything's spilled). He invites her in and tells her that Anna has gone to Switzerland to try and track down Robin. Tracy tells him that if he wants to track down Anna, he can have the ELQ jet. Awww...Sounds like two more PC citizens are going to be out of town when it all goes down.
Will the city of Port Charles survive Jerry's latest scheme? Will Carly survive Jacks and Johnny's meeting? Will Trey and Kristina tie the knot? Stay tuned!
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