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General Hospital Update for Friday, 5-Oct-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Sun, 14-Oct-2012 8:11:02 AM PDT

It's the morning after for Sonny and Kate/Connie--with vastly different outcomes; Christina is fighting for her husband's honor, but this time it's with Michael and Sonny; Carly and Todd are getting closer and Tracy helps the PCPD!! (Now THAT's a first!!) Busy day!
Starting off after the latest PC non-wedding (Sonny and Kate/Connie), we see Connie and Johnny arriving at his penthouse.
Connie's living large, swigging champagne straight from the bottle and telling her new hubby Johnny (don't ask) that's she's got sex toys in her bag to get the party started!! (Ewwww)
Johnny is disgusted, but doesn't have the character to throw Ms. Falconeri/Howard out on her wedding dress and go to the PCPD to confess the whole thing: that HE was the one who shot out Anthony's tires, leading to the deaths of Cole and Hope!
Instead, he's lost Carly, whom he claimed to love, gaining crazy Connie in the bargain!
However, he does have one way of getting back at her: an immediate family member can be the only person to involuntarily commit a person to Shadybrook, and since Liv is currently having issues in that department, JOHNNY as her husband is the only person who can commit Connie! And from the way he's talking, I think he's going to do it!
Moving on to Carly, she's taking Todd to task for not telling her what a lying skank Johnny really is.
I really think that Todd feels badly and is starting to develop genuine feelings for her, which is sweet. He insists that she stay the night in his suite, and even sets up a bed on the couch for her.
Meanwhile, Trey is just trying to keep from getting his face pounded in: first by Michael and then by Sonny!
Each time, Christina is there to tell everyone that A. Trey saved her life when Joe was going to kill her and B. Trey saved her live when Joe was going to kill her!!
That's the only reason Sonny and Michael back off, but they still yell at Trey for not spilling the beans immediately when Connie told him that she was his mother! Poor guy can't get a break...
Finally, Tracy. She's hiding Joe at the Q Mansion when Dante shows up on official police business, looking for him.
She goes out to try and stall Dante, but when Dante tells her that JOE was the one who originally wanted to pull the trigger; TREY was the one who shot him accidentally and SONNY had nothing to do with it, she decides to help Dante.
She's still telling Dante that there's nothing for him to see there, but is pointing at the door of the room where Joe is hiding.
Dante picks up the clue and goes charging into the den, but sees that Joe is one step ahead of him, as the door to the outside is open.
Dante calls in an APB on Joe and tells Tracy she's done the right thing,
Will Kate ever come back? Will Johnny grow a pair and confess? (Matt Hunter did!!) Will Joe survive? Stay tuned!
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