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General Hospital Update for Friday, 9-Nov-2012

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Posting date: Sat, 17-Nov-2012 9:46:03 AM PDT

He's alive!! Several Port Charles residents would say that AJ's return from the dead is nothing to be thankful for; Connie bamboozles a judge, AGAIN, this time with Diane's help; Robin meets someone from her past, but things are not as they seem and it looks like Dante and Lulu might never get the chance to be parents! A sad development....
Starting off with AJ's return from the Grim Reaper, we see that Carly is at the Q's Mansion, confronting Monica with this information.
Monica is in full denial mode and the fur starts flying, with Monica calling Carly a lying bitch. It only gets better, let me tell you. Carly tells Monica that if AJ was REALLY dead, then she shouldn't mind her having a look-see around the place!
Where's AJ? He's down at the Boathouse with Alice, helping her stash a knocked-out Tracy! After Tracy is properly bound and gagged, AJ is stunned to hear MICHAEL's voice calling for him outside!
AJ goes to his son, and Michael tells him that he's told a few people about Daddy Dearest coming back: Starr, for starters and Carly!!
AJ is appalled that Carly knows and says that maybe she doesn't really belive he's back.
Anyway, they go back to the Mansion and are standing in the den, when Carly walks in and is confronted with Michael and AJ! Ooops!!!!!!!!!!
On to Connie's latest sanity hearing. She's being represented by Diane this time (hey, a girl's gotta pay the bills, right?) and Ms. Miller springs a new line of defense on the court: that KATE is the alter and Connie is the original personality!!
For proof, Diane shows the judge a copy of Connie's birth certificate, but Alexis holds to her guns that Kate is the true personality and that Connie only came out after she was raped.
Alexis gets one good zinger in to Diane: she claims that if Kate is the alter, then Connie should be charged with Cole and Hope's murders! Makes sense, right?
Connie flips out, but she doesn't have to worry. The judge rules that she is sane, to Sonny and Trey's regret!
On to Robin, who is still being held captive in the Swiss clinic. She is tied to her bed when the door to her room opens and DUKE is thrown in!
He's in handcuffs, and Robin can't believe she's seeing him after all these years! He tells her that he has seen Emma and she is beautiful.
As Duke tells her that he is going to make plans to return her to Port Charles, Robin asks him to remember the first meal that they made together: spaghetti and meatballs.
Duke smiles and says the meatballs were delicious--but the only problem is that they didn't make spaghetti, but pizza!
Robin challenges him on this and is starting to doubt that he's really Duke Lavery, when Duke agrees with her!
He takes off the mask he is wearing, and Robin is stunned to see his true identity-but we can't see it yet! I KNEW Luke was right!!
Finally, Dante and Lulu and their meeting with the counselor from the Adoption Agency. It didn't go so well, as Lulu made up their whole application and the counselor caught every lie! A regretful Lulu admits that yes, she did fudge the application, but only because she wants to be a mother so badly!
The counselor tells the couple that not only have they blown it with her agency, but this application will be put in a national database, so they now have blown it with several other agencies as well! Aww...........
Will Dante and Lulu ever be parents? Who did Robin see in her hospital room? Will Carly get over the shock of seeing AJ again? Stay tuned!
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