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General Hospital Update for Monday, 12-Nov-2012

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 12-Nov-2012 4:22:27 PM PDT

General Hospital is most intriguing and ,yet, puzzling to me. I guess I do not remember this old,demented looking guy who is incarcerating our Robin. He is from Anna's past and he has pretended to be Duke. When whoever he is enters Robin's room at the insane Asylum or hospital,Robin is shocked to see Duke.Of course, as time goes on, he can't answer any of Robin's questions about their times together when she was a child. Being wise beyond her years, Robin continues to hound him . Robin says : " You aren't Duke." That's when this stranger takes off his DUKE MASk. A puzzled Robin says : " OOH my God." This guy explains to Robin that he has always loved Anna, His plan is to reunite her with her mom. Of course,Robin sees this differently. She begins to placate him with possibilities for her return to Patrick and Emma. He says;"No, that will not work." " A tearful Robin tells him that Anna will figure this out. She added : " You will not be able to hide the ugly sick person you are." Then, as shocking as that was, this old guy walks in on a tied down Duke.Sooooooo I guess Duke, Anna's true love,is dazed but alive. What is going to happen? Are Robin and Duke going to escape?
In the meantime ,the vixen doc is putting the moves on Patrick. Sabrina tells Patrick that she wants them to hold another Nurses' Ball in memory of Robin. As usual, the vixen tries to put down Sabrina. Patrick says : "It's a good idea." Patrick is still curious about Emma's telephone call from her mommy.I still wonder about Sabrina's intent.IS she helping Patrick or does she have a motive?
Sam is still in denial about Jason's being dead.She goes to talk to Anna about her missing love.Anna tells Sam about going to Switzerland to follow a story about Robin. She wants Sam to see "the light",but Sam tells her :" we have every reason to hold onto hope."( As a fan, I thought that Jason (Steve) had moved to Tenn.)Oh ME! Sooooooo.Carly walks in on AJ with Michael. She throws a CARLY FIT and calls the police. Dante arrests AJ for something that he had done years ago.Of course, Michael is very upset.All Monica and Michael's begging did not help. Carly is determined to mess up this father-son reunion.Another story today revolves arund LuLu's sadness. Because of her lies on an adoption application,she has ruined their chances of adopting.Dante suggests getting a surrogate,but Lu is opposed to this idea.
Perhaps, we can look forward to Robin's reunion with her mom, Patrick, and little, precious Emma if she can escape that place.Hopefully, Duke can rejoin his love Anna too. ;-)
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