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General Hospital Update for Friday, 16-Nov-2012

Author: View Profile kscornell
Posting date: Thu, 22-Nov-2012 6:14:01 AM PDT

Love is in the air, at least for two of the ladies of Port Charles--but will their intendeds return the favor?
What else happened today? Olivia, Robert and Liz discover that a picture can be more than a thousand words, AJ might have been sabotaged by Tracy, AGAIN and Anna and Duke/Faison are definately ready to take it to the next level!
Starting off with love, we see Sabrina confiding in new BFF Liz at GH about her feelings for Patrick. This is all well and good--but the only problem is that Patrick overhears every word!
Sabrina tries to do damage control, but sticks her foot in her mouth even more when she tells Patrick that her crush in on STEVE!! (Does Olivia know about this? :)) )
Anyway, Patrick thinks it's great and tells Sabrina that if Steve didn't have a girlfriend, he would be a fool not to go for her--which is actually a very nice thing to say, but doesn't make it any better for her!
Who is the other PC lady who is slinging Cupid's arrows? It's Maxie, who gets up the courage to FINALLY tell Spinelli that it's been him for her all along--but I don't think he's buying it!We shall have to see how this one turns out.
On to Faison. Robert asks Liv to tell him everything she remembers about her latest hallucination--how she actually saw Faison (but she doesn't know it was Faison) when it was actually Duke.
Steve gets the brilliant idea to get a sketch pad in front of Liz and she draws him, based on what Liv describes.
Liz and Robert freak when they see the finished sketch and realize it's actually Faison, but will they realize enough to know what he's actually doing?
Speaking of Faison, he's getting ready for his dinner with Anna at his place. He's taken off his Duke mask and thinks it's a delivery boy at the door, but panics when he realizes it's Anna.
He's rushing to put his mask on using Duke's voice (didn't work very well) and finally gets it together to step into his Duke role.
They are having a lovely time and it looks like things will soon be moving into the bedroom, ewwww...
Finally, AJ. He's out on bail, with an ankle bracelet, and is shocked when Monica tells him that she actually had to put her house up to do it.
Of course, Tracy overhears and puts a plan into action. She takes a fake phone call in front of AJ and tells him that there's been an accident, but Michael is alright!
AJ gets scared and promptly cuts off his ankle bracelet to go to his son, who is with Sam at the penthouse.
He's violated bail, thanks to Tracy and realizes that he's been duped when he gets to the Penthouse and Michael is fine! Score one for Tracy...
Will AJ go back to prison? Will Monica lose the Q mansion? Will Anna realize that she's literally sleeping with the enemy? Stay tuned!
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