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General Hospital Update for Thursday, 3-Jan-2013

Author: jackie
Posting date: Thu, 03-Jan-2013 12:58:14 PM PDT

It's a dismal foggy night on New Year's Eve/New Year's Day on General Hospital. While some couples are having fun bringing in a new year,others are involved in a wreck, the loss of a baby, and perhaps, a loss of life.
Connie is driving through the fog when she hits Ellie who is in the road. Ellie has been trying to reach Damon. Her car has broken down so she is unable to meet him at midnight as they had temporarily planned.( An Affair TO Remember scenario once with Deborah Kerr). An inebriated Spinelli thinks that she simply did not want to re- start their relationship.In the meantime, Miss Connie causes a wreck which entails Johnny who is still locked in her trunk, plus Michael,Starr, Trey, and Kristina who are chasing her. Connie falls over a cliff, Michael rescues Johnny from the trunk,and Kristina passes out. The turmoil truly sets in when Starr sees Connie barely hanging on. She shouts : " You killed my loved ones so you deserve to die." ( or something like that). John pops up to tell her that he killed her child and boyfriend. Starr really is upset and strikes Johnny with all her might. poor Ellie is simply lying there uttering something about Damon, She really needs help,but no one sees her. FINALLY, Michael sees her. Later, Trey who revived Kris passes out.
Lulu and Dante go to see Maxie who has just arrived home with the OUT OF IT Spinelli.She tells them that she fell while chasing a dog. I guess Olivia's vision came alive.It wasn't the fall that caused her to lose their baby.Dr Britt said : The embryo was not strong enough. Maxie did not tell them the truth about the baby. Why? She asks : " How will I ever tell them?"Before one knows it, She and Spinelli are kissing each other,etc.Speaking of kissing, Todd and Carly are loving each other hotly and madly. Carly, at first,resists,but it continued sooooo( I am not sure what happened?) HA At first,I thought that she still loved MR Johnny.
Dr Britt shows up at Patrick's with only a coat to hide her nakedness. She shoos Sabrina out the door. I think Sabrina and Patrick were going to ,perhaps, kiss, but they didn't.Britt puts the move on Patrick but he says.." No because Emma is a light sleeper."In fact, he seems uneasy with this tigress,and he does not exactly reciprocate.He must be waiting for his true love.. Robin. When will Robin return?
There are so many unanswered questions in today's story: Will Ellie live ? Will Maxie find a way to tell Lu and Dante about her loss? Will Starr hate Johnny? Will Carly regret her night with her friend Todd? Will Trey be all right? Will Robin soon return??Please tune in tomorrow to seek some answers. HAPPY 2013 To ALL the writers, staff, actresses, and actors who make GH a great soap!
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