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General Hospital Update for Friday, 1-Feb-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 03-Feb-2013 6:44:38 AM PDT

Happy Friday! And it was a busy one! Let's see: The recent events at ELQ led to AJ having a panic attack in his office, and guess who was there to pull him through it? Rafe is new to Port Charles, and is now in a heap of trouble, and of course, John McBain is in the middle of it; Sam is learning more than she ever wanted to know about vampires from Lucy and Patrick has FINALLY seen the light about Britt!! (Yay!!)
Almost forgot to mention that Ellie and Maxie finally had it out about New Year's Eve, in front of Spinelli and Lulu. (More on that later...)
Starting off at ELQ, AJ is hyper-ventilating in his office. He looks like he's having a heart attack when Liz walks in.
She's there to ask him why ELQ's check for the Nurses' Ball bounced, but gets right to work treating him.
A stethoscope appears (did she have it in her purse??) and she's able to take AJ's vitals with it. Liz tells AJ from the looks of things, he's not having a heart attack but a panic attack!
She's able to calm AJ down and he's back to normal by the time Michael walks in with his lunch. They get to work saving the company.
On to Rafe. He's holding a bloody stake over the body of his mother, Allison Barrington, at the piers, when John McBain spots them.
McBain calls the report in and tells the kid that he's in a world of hurt (duh) as it looks like he killed his mother!
McBain brings Rafe to the PCPD and Anna tries to sweet-talk the kid with a donut, but noone ever calls a lawyer for him!! (what, Alexis not available??)
Anna asks Rafe if he didn't do it, who did? And Rafe looks out the window and points at McBain!!
This all goes back to the vampire connection that got Lucy sent to Ferncliff, as Sam is discovering while speaking with Lucy at that facility.
According to Lucy, Allison married Rafe Kovich, her cousin, and got pregnant with her son--but Rafe wasn't the father: it was Caleb, aka McBain!! This is probably why he fingered McBain in her murder, but who knows, right?
Meanwhile, back at GH, a certain Dr. Westbourne is FINALLY getting hers, and the sweetest thing about it was that Sabrina got to see ALL of it.
Dr. Bitc__ er, Dr. Britt is being her normal self, calling Sabrina an interloper and Emma a spoiled brat--but doesn't realize that Patrick is standing behind her and hears every word!!
No amount of spin control can help her now, as Patrick's eyes have finally been opened (about TIME) and he breaks up with her!! (FINALLY!!)
Of course, Britt decides to take Sabrina down with her and tells Patrick that Sabrina wanted her out of the picture and even turned Emma against her--because she wanted Patrick for herself!! Whoops, that was a close one!!
Anyway, Britt and Patrick ARE OVER!! And Patrick tells her that the only relationship they are going to have is a professional one.
While this is happening, Ellie has come home, and confronts her roommate about her night with Spinelli on New Years' Eve.
Maxie apologizes and denies tampering with her car. What she doesn't say (and Lulu was there also) was that she lost Lulu and Dante's baby, but is now pregnant with Spinelli's baby, which she plans to give Dante and Lulu.
Anyway, Lulu insists on going with Maxie to GH for Maxie's lab tests. When they walk into the exam room, Britt (who is still licking her wounds over Patrick) is in the process of trashing the room.
Lulu says they can come back, but Britt tells her "There's something you need to know about this baby!! (Can we say HIPPA!!!!)
Will Rafe get an attorney? Will ELQ survive? Will Britt violate patient confidentiality and get fired? (WE HOPE!!) Stay tuned!
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