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General Hospital Update for Friday, 1-Mar-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 03-Mar-2013 2:34:05 PM PDT

The theme of today's episode was "If Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade"-(if you can). How so? Steve and Liv prepare for their wedding in the ICU, but it doesn't quite turn out as they hope and Sabrina gets the results of the Board investigation. Although it has a happy outcome, what comes next is not so happy.
What else happened today? Ellie's back at work in the lab, but what she's working on isn't quite what the doctor ordered; Frisco has the goods on Brit, but Mac's not thrilled that he's still here and Tracy makes Spinelli an offer he can't refuse!
Starting off at GH, Steve's in the ICU. He's recovering from being accidentally stabbed by Heather--and is pleasantly surprised to see Olivia come in a wedding gown!
Olivia tells him that she's contacted Maxie (yes, Maxie, the wedding planner from hell) and they are going to have the wedding right there in the ICU!
Maxie's brought over a hoochie-mama red dress for Liz to wear as Maid of Honor and Best Man and Liz runs to put it on.
The Reverend has had a cancellation, so things are moving along swimmingly, when two cops from Memphis, Tenn crash the festivities--with an arrest warrant for Steve! Oh boy, not MEMPHIS again!!
Anyway, Sabrina and Patrick are in the GH Breakroom when Brit comes in on crutches, carrying a letter with the results of the GH Board Investigation!
Britt's dying to hear the news that Sabrina has been canned, but has to wait: the GH Board has cleared her of all charges! Yay!!
What's even better is when Frisco runs into her and tells her to stay away from Maxie, and not blurt out a word about Maxie's baby--and hints that maybe he was behind her having to be on crutches!!
It all comes crashing down for Sabrina when the final exam results come out and she's not down as having passed, which means she can't graduate. A smirking Britt hears her tell Patrick this...
Anyway, going back to Frisco, he's still pursuing Felicia, and Mac isn't happy at all about it, no he's not.
Frisco goes to the Floating Rib to ask a reluctant Felicia to dinner at the Metrocourt--not knowing that Mac overheard every word! Who will Felicia choose?
Finally on to Pickle Lila, the relish that won't die. As we know, Duke stole the last jar from the Quartermaine mansion, a fact that Tracy's just figured out when Spinelli tells her that Duke works for ELQ!
Duke realized that Tracy was on to him when she called him to the mansion and offered him a suitcase of money to bring the relish to her!
The contents of the jar are being tested by Ellie in the GH Lab, when Tracy offers Spinelli more money than he's ever made to find the relish and steal it back!
Once Ellie figures out the recipe, that's it--Pickle Lila can be produced yet again!
Will Steve have to go to Memphis? Will Sabrina, at long last, become a nurse? Which guy will Felicia choose: Mac or Frisco?
Pickle Lila: will it live forever? Stay tuned!
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