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General Hospital Update for Friday, 8-Mar-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 10-Mar-2013 3:16:46 PM PDT

The judicial system was front and center today! Steve left for Memphis to start his prison sentence, leaving a sad Liz behind and Todd was in court--but the results weren't what we expected!
Looks like Port Charles will be eating waaay more relish and soon--as Ellie has figured out the Pickle Lila recipe (with Starr's help)--but the only problem is she doesn't know where she put it!!
Kate's back--or is it Connie? And can Sonny tell the difference? Finally, looks like things between AJ and Liz are heating up--and Sabrina is finally going to tell Patrick how she feels. Phew!!
Starting off at GH, we see Liz quietly crying at the nurses' station, when Sabrina comes up. Sabrina's there to find out her score on the nurse's final exam retake and asks her friend what's wrong.
Liz tells her about Steve, then challenges Sabrina to finally tell Patrick how she feels!
Sabrina rises to the bait and calls Patrick. She asks if she can come by his office, because there's something important she has to tell him...
Meanwhile, Liz also gets a voicemail. It's from AJ, telling her that he's heard about her brother and it's OK if she wants to cancel their lunch date. She tells Sabrina that AJ is giving her an out, and she's grateful for it.
Over at the courthouse, while this is going on, Todd and Diane are entering for his trial, surrounded by a bevy of reporters.
They are shouting out questions to Todd, which Diane deflects with "No Comment", but Todd decides he does have something to say.
He walks over to the TV cameras, looks into them, and tells Carly how much he loves her before Diane leads him into the courtroom.
There are two people in Port Charles who are trying to convince themselves that they really don't care about Todd's trial, but are not fooling anyone. You guessed it: Starr and Carly are trying to blow off the trial, but anyone can tell that they are scared for Todd.
Carly is in the Metrocourt Dining Room trying to convince Michael, who isn't buying any of it, and Starr is in the GH Lab with Ellie.
Anyway, there's a suprise witness--(of course). It's HEATHER, who actually does the first good deed of her life and swears that Todd knew nothing about the baby-switching scheme! A Johnny Z associate backs her up on the stand, and hey! Todd is free to go!! (this time).
Todd shows up at the Metrocourt, looking for Carly (he found her!) and let the smoldering looks begin!!
Going back to the GH lab, we see that Ellie has figured out that Lila had a secret ingredient in her Pickle Lila relish and five minutes later, she's nailed it!
The only problem is now she doesn't know where she put it! What she doesn't know is that Spinelli stole the recipe out of the lab-just because Tracy told him that if he didn't, she would start eviction proceedings against him. (She owns the building where his office/apartment is, drat).
Finally, is it Connie or is it Kate? And who knows for sure? As we remember, Connie and Kate had it out via the mirror, and Kate got so mad that she smashed it!
An irate Sonny found the pieces of his mirror on the floor when he got up to make breakfast for him and Kate later on.
Kate was there during breakfast, but as we saw, she was soon back in the mirror, and Connie was with Sonny, but she was playing Kate! Are you as confused as I am???
Will Todd and Carly get between the sheets? Will Sabrina tell Patrick how she feels? And WHO is going to get Pickle Lila? Which personality is going to stay: Kate or Connie? Stay tuned!
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