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General Hospital Update for Friday, 3-May-2013

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Posting date: Sun, 12-May-2013 1:34:28 PM PDT

And it's May! And Pickle Lila is still around! (Had to say that). What happened today? Pickle Lila comes to New York City, via The Chew; Morgan is in big trouble, and Sonny (with Shawn's help) is getting to the bottom of it; and Sabrina tells off Britt! (About time!!!)
Starting off with Morgan, Sonny and Shawn are at his dorm room in Vanderbilt University. The dean shows up and Sonny tells him that if he doesn't open the door, he's going to break it down!
The door is opened and Sonny is staring down the barrel of a gun, held by Travis, Morgan's roommate.
Travis tells him about the gambling ring that he and Morgan got into, adding that they both owe $50,00 each, which is probably the reason that Morgan bailed. Where is Morgan? Noone knows.
Carly gets word to Michael about Morgan, but Michael is getting ready to go to New York City with AJ. Duke has booked Port Charles' favorite relish (Pickle Lila, for all you GH newbies), on The Chew!
What AJ and Michael don't know is that Nicholas and Tracy have gone to the producers and THEIR relish, Pickle Eddie (don't ask), will also be on the show, in a face-off with Pickle Lila! Yes, Relish Wars have come to The Chew!
There will probably be one more person making the trip to the NY. Yes, Liz will probably be going too, so stand by!
On to Sabrina and the Britch. Everyone's working at GH when Britt excuses herself, saying she's having a bout with Morning Sickness.
Liz goes into the bathroom to find her and finds her laying on the floor. Patrick and Liz, with Sabrina's help, get her into a bed.
A scared Britt asks Liz for advice on pregnancy (she would know, right?) and Liz gratefully turns her over to Sabrina. Seems like she couldn't get away fast enough!
Anyway, Britt and Felix decide the Britch is faking and Sabrina decides to call her on it: in front of Patrick! Don't know where this one is going!
Will Morgan pull thru this crisis? Will The Chew survive relish wars? Will Sabrina and Britt be able to coexist? Stay tuned!
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