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General Hospital Update for Monday, 13-May-2013

Author: jackie
Posting date: Mon, 13-May-2013 3:15:41 PM PDT

Today's General Hospital was hilarious as GH stars AJ Quartermain and fiesty Tracy Quartermain appeared on THE CHEW with their relishes. It was indeed the "clash of condiments" or better yet, the clash of strong wills.At first, Nikolas's goons had taken Tracy prisoner in her hotel room.To say she is livid is putting it mildly.
AJ and Elisabeth are in the studio waiting for the charming rascal AJ to make his claim on Pickle Lila. After all this ado, Tracy breaks out and comes to the studio just in time to push her Pickle Eddie( named after her daddy). She proceeds to tell THE CHEW plus the world that his relish is a scam.SOooooooo they decide to have a test taste. They seem to find both relishes tasty,but all of a sudden, they get sick.It looks as if both Quartermaines are going to be unable to escape this moment of " The bad tastes". HA
Michael does find a beaten Morgan. Morgan owes some goons 50 thousand dollars for a gambling debt. This son seems to be difficult to handle. Michael takes Morgan to a hospital in New York and he escapes.Carla and Sam come to find both brothers.Morgan was a cute little boy ,but now he is a young man who ,apparently, has used poor judgment. In the meantime, the thugs who went after Morgan invade Connie's office. They are angry because Johnny told Connie and Olivia about Morgan. They trash Connie's lovely office,and they are about to harm them when Sonny and Shawn appear.Sonny shoots one guy in the leg and lets the other two go. I imagine that the irate Sonny will have a talk with this goon tomorrow. Sonny tells him: "You don't mess with my family".While all of this turmoil is occurring, Patrick has to tell Emma that Britt will have a baby.Emma is confused and upset . Patrick tries to soothe her by telling her that he will always take care of her.Britt is still bemoaning her disease in her questionable state of pregnancy. Felix almost goes too far to get the truth, Sabrina apologizes to Britt for coming down so hard on her.Yet, Britt just continues to attack Sabrina verbally.The next problem with this ,perhaps, deceptive doctor, is her need to stay with Patrick in his home.Yikes!Sabrina sees this doctor's pregnancy as an attempt to sabotage her relationship with Patrick.When is Patrick going to wise up? How is Sonny going to free MORGAN of hIS dEBT, and what will the tasters on THE CHEW decide? Please tune in tomorrow to get the answers..
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