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General Hospital Update for Friday, 1-Nov-2013

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Posting date: Sat, 09-Nov-2013 7:55:15 AM PDT

Halloween in Port Charles! Did it bring Tricks or Treats???
What happened today? GH's annual Halloween party was one of the most memorable on record; Franco didn't go to Grandmother's house, but got a visit instead (and no, Red Ridinghood wasn't with him); Duke decided to go exploring at Windemere, but might be walking into serious danger, courtesy of Faison and Obrecht, Carly and Derek are getting closer (eww..) and Robin met Emma for the first time since she was kidnapped. Busy night!
Starting off at the Halloween party, we see GH and its staff ready to PARTY!!! Everyone's got great costumes (Check out Felix and Brad and dueling Operation guys from the game) and of course, there's plenty of drama!
Felix is ticked off at Brad for stealing his costume idea and wastes no time letting him know it.
After yelling at Brad for not acknowledging Ben as his son (yes, Britt and Ben were at the party, along with Nicholas), Brad left and changed his costume. Felix figured out he was a "cereal"killer, as the costume consisted of scrubs, fake blood and cereal boxes!
Robin was the real star of the party. She walked into GH for the first time since the kidnapping, dressed in the costume that Obrecht picked out for her (It had a mask, don't worry) and was standing at the computer when Epiphany saw her and asked what she was doing. Robin mumbled something under her mask that sounded like Spanish and Epiphany directed her to the Halloween Party to speak with Sabrina, who naturally speaks Spanish.
While at the party, Robin laid eyes on Emma for the first time in a year, but Emma didn't know it was her. Emma was crying after Cameron spilled punch on her costume, and Robin helped her clean it up. Seeing Sabrina kissing Patrick proved too much for Robin and she ran into an exam room to cry.
But this wasn't before Nicholas mentioned to Britt that her costume looked just like the one that Obrecht had picked out for Robin! Love his powers of deduction. Glad SOMEONE has them...
Speaking of Obrecht, she and Faison go into hiding when they hear Duke in the house. After Duke notices a pot that fell when the dynamic duo got behind the cabinet, Obrecht dusted off her Anna mask and came out to confront Duke.
She dropped enough clues to let us know that it was Obrecht, and she was able to lead Duke to Faison, who was pulling a gun on him behind the cabinet!
Duke doesn't realize that the real Anna is on Cassidine Island with Robert and he is in more danger than he bargained for!
On to romance...Carly meets Derek at her door. Dressed as Zorro, Derek is turned on by Carly dressed as a cat in black leather and the sexual innuendos are flying....eww...The upshot is that Carly and Derek are probably going to go to Franco's upcoming art show together!
And Franco? He got a visit from Grandmother and Red Riding Hood wasn't even with her!
It was Bad Granny, as she was holding a knife! She took her mask off and no surprise, IT's HEATHER!! (Does she just walk in and out of that Funny Farm she's in??)
Anyway, Franco accuses Heather of having a crush on him, which she denies--but says that no way does she want Carly to be with him!
Will Robin EVER be reunited with her family? Who are baby Ben's real parents? Will Duke escape from Obrecht and Faison THIS time? Stay tuned!
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