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General Hospital Update for Friday, 7-Mar-2014

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Posting date: Sat, 08-Mar-2014 3:50:22 PM PDT

And it's March!! And things are going from bad to worse in Port Charles!
What happened today? AJ is fighting for his life--and Luke choses the wrong time to make snarky comments to Monica. Poor Michael is trying to hold it together and Carly is supporting him the best way she knows how at GH.
Who else is having a bad day? Alexis found out in a terrible way that Molly wants to live with Daddy Dearest, aka Rick.
While we're on the subject of Rick, Alexis asks him to be Julian's lawyer (who is having a TERRIBLE day, btw).
Starting off with AJ, he's hanging on by a thread in the GH ICU. Michael is at his bedside and Liz comforts him by saying that even though AJ is in a coma, he can still hear his voice.
Michael is sitting vigil when Carly walks in to comfort him. She tells him that even though she doesn't care for AJ, she loves Michael and is concerned because she knows he is concerned.
Meanwhile, Anna is trying to find out who shot AJ. She calls in Morgan for questioning.
Morgan tells her that there's no way Ava could have done it, because she's been in NYC the whole time. (Ava's smart and covers her tracks).
While this is going on, Luke and Tracy tell Monica about their engagement. Monica tells Tracy that Luke only wants to marry her for her bank account, yada yada yada.
Luke hauls off and tells Monica that there was a revolving door in HER bedroom back in the day and that she was GH's "Go-To Slut!!"
Tracy is appalled; telling Luke that she's never heard him be so mean. Monica doesn't even come back with an insult, because she's just gotten Michael's message about AJ being shot!
On to Alexis, who has just asked Rick to be Julian's lawyer. (Remember, Julian was arrested for AJ's shooting--and he's innocent!)
Rick and Alexis have their usual fight before Rick agrees to do it--and tells Alexis over his shoulder as he's leaving that Molly now wants to live with him!!
A devastated Alexis calls Molly on her cell phone. "Hello, Molly? This is Alexis Davis. You know, the woman who gave birth to you and fed and clothed you?" Poor Alexis!!
Oh and Julian?? He's still in lockup at the PCPD--but if the Keystone Cops, er the PCPD, doesn't charge him with anything, he will be going free soon!
Will Molly live with Alexis? Will AJ pull thru? Will Port Charles find out that SONNY was the one who pulled the gun on AJ? Stay tuned!
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