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General Hospital Update for Tuesday, 18-Mar-2014

Author: jackie
Posting date: Tue, 18-Mar-2014 3:34:33 PM PDT

This was an excellent show today!. Seeing sweet, lovely Emily again pleased me sooooooo much. Of course, she appeared to Nikolas "in ghost form". She asked him, in essence, if he has truly chosen the right woman to marry. After all, Britt and Nik's engagement party is at Windemere tonight.Nikolas tells her that he still loves Elizabeth and he always will. Yet, he adds, she rejected me. So he says : " I moved on and put that feeling behind me." He says :" I do love Britt, she's my future." Then, Em and Nik express their love always to each other. Emily tells a tearful, emotional Nik :" You didn't die with me. I want you to love again."Nikolas assures Em that this is the first woman he has felt this way about since her. He has made a believer of me! ;-)
Britt,in the meantime, is having nightmares about lying to LuLu about Ben. Guilt is eating her up. Nik has given her a lovely dress to wear to their intimate party with friends. She turns to Brad for comfort. He tells her to pen a letter to Lu and others telling them the truth. After all, she and her mother did contrive to steal that embryo so LuLu is Ben's mom. She begins her letter to LuLu. Hopefully, this letter will soon help LuLu to sleep better too. Her dreams have been that Ben is her true son.In fact, she confides in Lucas about these dreams.
Ava is very suspicious of Julian's relationship with Ric, Sonny's brother.She drills Julian and finally,she asks: "IS he bankrolling us?""I need to know." I believe the war has begun between these two.
Sonny asks Alexis to go along with Julian's whims so she can find out what's taking place in his camp. She is rather hesitant since she has tried not to get involved with Sam's dad. Yet, she may call and invite him to go with her to Nik and Britt's engagement party.Tune in to see if Alexis does what Sonny requested her to do. Also, follow the results of AJ's serious surgery.
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