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General Hospital Update for Friday, 21-Mar-2014

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Posting date: Sun, 23-Mar-2014 5:49:37 AM PDT

Happy Bombshell Friday! Nick and Brit's Engagement party went down at Windemere,and as we all know, bombshells always have a way of coming out at Port Charles parties!
Along with the bombshells, we also saw that Liz isn't the only Port Charles lady who can play Nancy Drew, but more on that later.
Where to begin? Bombshell #1: Ben's true parentage is revealed!
Leading up to it? Emma chose Cameron, after he presented her with a picture of a heart--which Spencer balled up and threw on the floor! Why was this important? Liz picked it up after the kids left and started to read the writing on the back: Britt's letter to Lulu telling all: about how she stole Lulu and Dante's embryo and LULU, not Britt, is Ben's mother!
Britt thought she burned it! Thought wrong! Anyway, Liz read every word--not before Rick found her and convinced her not to make a dramatic announcement in the middle of the party. Instead, Liz decided to drop the bombshell on Lulu privately!
Meanwhile, Brad was on the verge of coming clean on his part in the whole embryo theft scheme to Lucas, but Obrecht caught him in time!
While this was going on, Sam was opening up to Silas about her messy past with Rick; telling him about how she slept with Rick while he was still married to Alexis.
Silas had the best line of the day, saying that he couldn't judge, because after all, he's slept with Ava! (True...)
Speaking of Rick,Sonny and Alexis (Nancy Drew #2), were working overtime to try and prove that Rick and Julian are partners, and Rick is bankrolling the Jerome organization.
Alexis was standing near Julian when he got a text. Alexis proceeded to spill a drink on him to have a reason to grab his phone--and was only able to see the text, not the number it came from.
But, as she told Sonny, the person must also be on the island as Julian told her he was coming back!
We see Julian going to his meeting place in the stables. He opens the door and a man is standing there. He turns around and it's LUKE!!!! (Luke???)
Is Luke Julian's silent partner? Will Lulu find out she's Ben's mother? Stay tuned!
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