Giving Thanks

From: (Janice G Mottolo)
Subject: GH: Giving Thanks
Date: 20 Nov 1994 22:50:17 GMT

In a holiday mood, I got to thinking about what different GH 
characters might include in their list of blessings this Thursday 
(though some might have to be said silently!!) I envision them 
all sitting around the Q's massive (and it would have to be!!) dining room 
table as the question is passed around.
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving:

Steve: It happened many years ago in a town named Bethlehem...
Audrey: No, Steve, it's time for the Thanksgiving blessing, not 
        the Christmas story. I'm thankful that Ryan is safely locked 
        away. He is, isn't he? I mean, that is Kevin 
        over there, isn't it?
Lucy: Yes, of course it is, Audrey. I'm thankful I've got MY Kevin 
      and MY Deception back again!! (Mine, Mine, Mine!!!!) 
Kevin: for Lucy and Nodoz, in that order. (Just nobody say the word "grace", 
Tony: Um... let me get back to you.
Bobbie: that Tony came back from Cairo. Alone.
Ruby: that I still could get away from the diner today even though I've 
      lost all my help. 
Frisco: Is it Thanksgiving already?
Felicia: that I'm having a baby (and it's not twins).
Alan: I'm thankful that I still have my wife.
Monica: that I'm rich enough to buy decent wigs.
Edward: that I didn't know what a snake Jack Boland was twenty years ago 
        or I would be up on *real* murder charges. (scowl)
Lila: Oh, dear Edward. Well, I'm thankful for my family, especially 
Reginald: (blushing) I'm thankful for whenever I can be of service to 
          you, Madam. More sweet potatoes anyone?
Ned: Uh, no thanks, Reginald. I'm thankful that Lois couldn't get Stomp to 
     sign with L&B. 
Lois: I'm working on it, Ashton. OK, I'm thankful I have what every agent 
      wants: the musical talent by the short hairs, y'know what I mean? 
Brenda: that I can handle a modeling career, own my own business, and go 
        to college fulltime all without it affecting my social life.
Sonny:  Ditto!!
AJ: that Dad can't figure out a way to blame me for Mom's cancer.
Jason:  for Keisha. (puppy eyes!!)
Keisha: that GrannyMae isn't saying the blessing this year - maybe we'll get 
        to eat sometime. 
MaryMae: I'm thankful I burned all those nude photos of Edward and I.
Justus: that those goons didn't have better aim.
Simone: that Tom is far away in Somalia or Haiti or wherever the hell it 
        is this week.
Luke: that I got all my family back together today.
Laura: I'm thankful I've got help with the two o'clock feedings now.
Lucky: that *most* of my customers aren't real squeamish about worms.
Amy: that I finally got to wear something besides my nurse's uniform.
Sly: that I still have some relatives in this town so I can get a meal.
Sean: that I've got the Ward murder case pretty near wrapped up - twenty 
      years after the fact but...
Tiff: that I won't have to pay for Lucas' future therapy bills.  
Mac: I'm thankful that I'm managing Robin better these days.
Robin: that I'm able to hide the fact that I think all the men in my life 
       are complete morons.
Stone: that I don't have to act out any more stupid scenes from Romeo and 
       Juliet just to get a date.
Katherine: Get away from me with those damn sweet potatoes, Reginald!! 
Damien: (sarcastic) I'm thankful for being able to legitimately use handicap 
        parking now. Oh, all right, I'm thankful for the fact 
        that I'm still here, no thanks to some people, and for Katherine, 
        and for the Art Chick. (The ART CHICK?!! Now why did I say that?)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!

Janice (who's thankful there wasn't enough room at the Q's table for 
        the Mopheads!!)