Top Ten Lists

Top Ten Ways Robin Could Respond to Uncle Mac's New Found Interest In Her Life

10) Charge him rent
 9) Help him look up "abandonment" in the dictionary
 8) Inform immigration
 7) Tell him she knew Robert Scorpio and he's no Robert
 6) Just because she snuck out of the house does not mean
    her hormones are out of control.  Get a grip
 5) Tap into the computer system and ruin his credit rating
 4) Go into therapy with Kevin
 3) Invite Stone over for a game of strip poker
 2) Tell him Robert and Anna not really dead, so technically
    he's not her guardian 
And the number one way Robin could respond to Uncle Mac's
new found interest in her life:
 1) "Get normal!"

"That's no excuse for you to act like an idiot." Robin Scorpio 
(Uh...Robin, he's not acting.)
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